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We are Big Timber Tree Service, your experts in tree removal services. If you want to work with a team that uses high-quality materials and has years of experience, we are your best choice. Our extensive knowledge of topographies, climates, and tree species makes us the most qualified team when dealing with fallen or hazardous trees that could damage your property or put other people’s life at risk.

We’ll Remove Any Hazardous Tree Quickly and Efficiently

After a bad storm in the area, there could be trees dangerously close to your property, power lines, or car. Don’t risk your life or your home’s by trying to remove it yourself. Work with an experienced team for a fast, efficient, and professional removal with the highest safety standards in the industry.


Here are five reasons to consider our tree removal services: 


  • Dying or Dead Trees
  • Prevent damage to your property
  • Have a better Window-View
  • Improve curb appeal
  • Get more space

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Contact us today and receive a free estimate for our tree removal services if you’re in Mint Hill, NC. We’re your expert team that will make sure your home is safe by using only the best equipment to remove your damaged trees. Call us now at (704) 916-9590 for more information on our work.


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